Iran Has Not Issued Any Licenses for Importing Crypto Mining Equipment

Iran’s customs administration has not issued licenses for importing digital currency mining equipment into the country due to the absence of approval from the government. Deputy President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) Jamal Arounaghi said that the agency has not issued any licenses for importing cryptocurrency mining devices into the country, multilingual Tehran-based news outlet Mehr News Agency reported on July 21. While cryptocurrency mining equipment is banned in the country, IRICA has determined a tariff rate for its import, defining it as related to the…

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Major Pan-African Insurance Firm Rolls Back Insurance for Crypto Mining Equipment

Pan-African insurance company Old Mutual has opted out of insuring cryptocurrency mining equipment due to the absence of regulation in the industry, local technology-focused new outlet ITWeb reported on June 10. Following comprehensive research of the industry, Old Mutual has arrived at a decision not to insure equipment used for digital currency mining because of the unregulated nature of the industry. Among other reasons, the company also named cryptocurrencies’ exposure to fraudulent activity and modified electronic infrastructure of mining equipment that leads to overheating and other malfunctions. Christelle Colman, an…

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