Major Pan-African Insurance Firm Rolls Back Insurance for Crypto Mining Equipment

Pan-African insurance company Old Mutual has opted out of insuring cryptocurrency mining equipment due to the absence of regulation in the industry, local technology-focused new outlet ITWeb reported on June 10. Following comprehensive research of the industry, Old Mutual has arrived at a decision not to insure equipment used for digital currency mining because of the unregulated nature of the industry. Among other reasons, the company also named cryptocurrencies’ exposure to fraudulent activity and modified electronic infrastructure of mining equipment that leads to overheating and other malfunctions. Christelle Colman, an…

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Community-Led Pan-African Blockchain Standards Org Publishes Draft ICO Guidelines

The African Digital Asset Framework (ADAF) — a project that aims to establish compliance-focused, cross-border blockchain standards for the African continent — published the first version of its guidance for initial coin offerings (ICO) on March 25. ADAF is supported by the African Digital Asset Foundation (which shares the same acronym) — a non-profit organization and open-source project founded in November 2018, which aims to encourage self-regulation and foster the establishment of legal and technical standards that would support digital trade between the African continent and the diaspora. According to…

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