‘Never Use BitPay’ — Hong Kong Free Press Slams Bitcoin Donation Block

Cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay faces another publicity nightmare amid claims it blocked donations to Hong Kong for several weeks. According to a complaint on social media by Tom Grundy on Sept. 11, founder of crowdfunded media outlet Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), BitPay suddenly began failing to pass on funds from donors.  Press CEO: “Never use BitPay” HKFP has accepted Bitcoin (BTC) support since 2015. Since that time, BitPay has processed payments worth just under 15,000 HKD ($1,900). For the past three weeks, however, the company has blocked access, Grundy…

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Press Rumors About My Blockchain Plans Are False

The former CEO of long-defunct Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox denied press claims he is returning to blockchain in comments to Cointelegraph on June 7. Mark Karpeles, whom a judge acquitted of embezzlement in March and is currently appealing a lesser conviction of data manipulation, says his activities with Tristan Technologies will not involve the cryptocurrency sector. As Cointelegraph reported, local Japanese media had interpreted remarks at a press conference on June 5 as meaning he was preparing to conduct blockchain-related activities. The Frenchman wished to make Japan a leader…

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