DOrg LLC Purports to be First Legally Valid DAO Under US Law

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) developer cooperative dOrg has created a limited liability company (LLC) to grant its native DAO legal status, according to a report by independent law firm Gravel & Shea on June 11. As its name implies, a DAO is a firm with no centralization or hierarchy, and is instead governed by open source digital rules on a blockchain — a smart contract — and operated publicly by users via a consensus voting mechanism. According to Gravel & Shea, the native DAO of dOrg, underpinned by the DAOstack…

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New Partnership Purports to Create First Approved Crypto Exchange in Vietnam

Vietnam’s largest distribution company Linh Thanh Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Swiss blockchain company KRONN Ventures AG to establish a cryptocurrency exchange, according to a press release published on March 22. The collaboration is designed to facilitate the production of digital currency and the creation of a cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam, to which the companies have supposedly received an appropriate license. According to the press release, the new exchange will be the first authorized crypto exchange to operate in Vietnam. The establishment of an authorized cryptocurrency…

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