ConsenSys-Backed Kaleido Launches B2B Tech Stack With ‘Plug-and-Play’ Features

Kaleido has launched a new business-to-business (B2B) tech stack with a view to helping companies “reinvent their core payment systems and supply chains,” according to a news release obtained by Cointelegraph on May 15. The ConsenSys-backed company said the stack brings together the necessary tools and technologies that businesses need to build modern networks delivering operational improvements and new revenue streams. According to Kaleido, businesses that use its platform will easily be able to digitize assets by issuing custom tokens. Other features, including an asset registry, document store and app-to-app…

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Parity Launches Beta Version of Tool Stack for Building Blockchains

United Kingdom-based blockchain infrastructure provider Parity has launched a beta version of Substrate, its tool for creating customized blockchains, according to a press release published Tuesday, Dec. 18. The release states that Substrate is designed to provide “maximum technical freedom” while creating blockchains. It supports multiple programming languages, users can make their own consensus mechanisms, and it is compatible with most existing consensus algorithms. Parity is also going to add more consensus mechanisms in subsequent releases, making them hot-swappable and allowing users to switch between different mechanisms without a hard…

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