Funds ‘SAFU’ After Amazon Web Services Error Stops Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has confirmed user funds are not at risk after a reported technical problem began affecting withdrawals.  According to CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, the situation was being resolved on Aug. 23, while funds security was not compromised.  “Funds are #safu,” he wrote on Twitter, employing a now well-known catchphrase he had previously inadvertently created while confirming there was no danger to cryptocurrency holdings. “Funds are SAFU” after AWS error busts withdrawals The issue, he explained, centered on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Problems with caching were…

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Polymath Stops Two Projects, Lays off 10 to Focus on Security Token App

Ethereum (ETH)-based security token platform Polymath will terminate its two planned in-house projects to focus further on bringing securities onto blockchain, the firm announced in a blog post on July 4. Polymath is funneling the company’s newly freed resources towards its Polymath Token Studio, a decentralized application (dApp) that has reportedly enabled the issuance of over 130 security tokens to date, the company said in the announcement. As a part of the announcement, Polymath has laid off 10 employees who were working on the two discontinued product initiatives. The company…

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